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Discover the magic,
Imagine the power to do what you desire…and being able to fly

The best Clarinet BAND in the WORLD!!!
And yes, we can prove it,
Ask our mother!!!

About us?

Welcome to the sonic world of L’rollin Band!!!

We are the clarinet band that is redefining the music scene with our unique fusion. With a fresh and vibrant style, we take the art of clarinet to a whole new level.

Our musicians are masters of different disciplines, fusing tradition with innovation to create a sound unlike anything you’ve heard before. From the wild rhythms of folk and flamenco, to the most seductive melodies of Rock, L’rollin Band takes you on a sonic journey that defies expectations and excites the senses.

Whether you see us live on stage or listen to our recordings online, we guarantee you a musical experience that will take your breath away.

Get ready to join the clarinet revolution with L’rollin Band!!

In 1820, seven priests from the Templar order rode on horseback through the valleys of the LOIRE, heading to Saint Michel.

Their mission was to transport a priceless cargo for humanity.

L´rollin eternum clarinem –

A war-clarinet adventure!!

L´rollin Live

A part of the magic of L’rollin Band lies in our live performances, and to give you a taste, here are two examples. Enjoy!!


Recorded Live at Café Rock 82, Pinto (Madrid)


Recorded Live at Escuela Municipal y Conservatorio Profesional de Música “Manuel de Falla”, Alcorcón, (Madrid).


Here are the links so you can listen to some of our previous works

Listen on Spotify

L´rollin in the corner

Listen on Spotify

L´rollin Roads

Listen on Spotify


L´rollin Band

Young, talented, fun, and as beautiful as Mother’s Day. This is us, nice to meet you

Agustín Guillén

They take him out of the monastery only for concerts


Jesús Mary Herrero
Bass Clarinet

Known as the “Bonito del Norte”. The eternal youth, his secret?: The Tuna


Alfonso Cifo

He’s actually 2.10 meters tall (his bass) and sounds like a lion

Daniel Blázquez
Clarinet SIb

He was born alone in the middle of a desert, which is now called Dubai

Víctor García

Talk to the beyond all the time, Sssssss

Enric Castelló

Also called INRIC, the guy with the drums is spot on

José Ramón Jiménez

Aladdin, the carpet he uses to fly through Baghdad has disappeared…We will have to rub the lamp

Let’s talk?

Use this form to contact us for bookings or any other inquiries.

Let the magic begin!!
L´rollin Band

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